Video: How to Invest Your First $1,000 in the Stock Market


Investing is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom. Beginning investors have so many ideas coming to them like a firehose. It’s hard to know how to get started. 

In this video, I go over 3 ways I would tell my younger self how to invest his first $1,000 in the stock market.

In my 20 years of investing, I managed to grow my $2,000 investment portfolio to well over $200,000. Throughout my investing journey, I experimented with and tested many different kinds of investments. Like many other beginning investors, I made so many mistakes along the way.

Despite all those mistakes, I still managed to grow my portfolio over 100-fold during that time. Had I committed to one of these 3 long-term investment ideas early on, I’d easily have doubled my money or more.

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Smarter Investing: M1Finance.com

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