Stock of the Month Results

Updated Daily via Google Sheets

Here you can find all of my previous Stock of the Month picks with results updated daily via Google Sheets. The results are based on stock price only so they don’t include dividends.

The performance versus the S&P 500 is calculated from the closing prices of the stock pick and the S&P 500 on the day of the pick was made to their most recent closing prices.

For closed stock picks, performance is measured against the S&P 500 up until the date they were closed.


Stock of the Month Individual Results

Pick Date (or Sell Date)CompanyTickerStatusArticleMarket Cap (in Billions)Pick PriceSell PriceLast Closing PriceReturn Without DividendsS&P ReturnVs. S&P
1/15/2021Bed Bath & Beyond IncBBBYACTIVERead More0.33$25.60N/A$2.79-89.10%8.89%-98.00%
1/8/20213M CoMMMCLOSEDSOLD-Read MoreN/A-SOLD$166.76$166.62N/A-SOLD-0.08%27.83%-27.91%
12/14/2020Realty Income CorpOACTIVERead More42.33$58.70N/A$67.4914.97%12.50%2.48%
11/16/2020Bank of America CorpBACACTIVERead More288.81$27.58N/A$35.9930.49%13.14%17.36%
10/9/2020Fortinet IncFTNTACTIVERead More41.32$25.24N/A$52.87109.47%18.01%91.46%
9/11/2020Advantage Solutions IncADVACTIVERead More0.84$10.25N/A$2.63-74.34%22.82%-97.16%
8/7/2020Coca-Cola CoKOACTIVERead More264.62$47.80N/A$61.1928.01%22.44%5.57%
7/11/2020Snap IncSNAPCLOSEDSOLD-Read MoreN/A-SOLD$14.02$25.53N/A-SOLD82.10%7.00%75.10%
7/10/2020Pinterest IncPINSACTIVERead MoreN/A-SOLD$26.56$58.90N/A-SOLD121.76%38.00%83.76%
6/12/2020Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class BBRK.BACTIVERead More683.20$181.21N/A$310.1371.14%34.92%36.22%
5/15/2020Mastercard IncMAACTIVERead More356.87$278.94N/A$373.1633.78%43.29%-9.51%
4/10/2020Beyond Meat IncBYNDACTIVERead More1.05$72.30N/A$16.49-77.19%47.08%-124.28%
3/13/2020Fair Isaac CorporationFICOACTIVERead More17.11$303.55N/A$680.24124.09%51.36%72.74%
2/7/2020Roku IncROKUACTIVERead More8.27$124.25N/A$59.38-52.21%23.31%-75.52%
1/10/2020Meta Platforms IncFBACTIVERead More398.10N/A$185.26#DIV/0!25.66%#DIV/0!
1/6/2020Ligand Pharmaceuticals IncLGNDCLOSEDSOLD-Read MoreN/A-SOLD$87.66$101.34N/A-SOLD15.61%30.60%-14.99%
12/20/2019Stitch Fix IncSFIXACTIVERead More0.59$26.48N/A$5.29-80.02%27.39%-107.41%
11/22/2019Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.BRACTIVERead More17.97$121.20N/A$152.7326.01%31.93%-5.91%
10/25/2019Bank of America CorpBACACTIVERead More288.81$31.72N/A$35.9913.46%35.76%-22.30%
7/30/2021#N/AXLNXCLOSEDRead MoreNA-SOLD$149.84NA-SOLD#DIV/0!54.38%#DIV/0!
6/21/2019ABIOMED Ord ShsABMDACTIVERead More17.18N/A$0.00#DIV/0!39.08%#DIV/0!
5/24/2019StoneCo LtdSTNEACTIVERead More3.50$26.06N/A$11.18-57.10%45.20%-102.30%
4/20/2019Alcon AGALCACTIVERead More34.04$55.33N/A$75.4536.36%41.25%-4.89%
3/24/2019JPMorgan Chase & CoJPMACTIVERead More411.09$98.93N/A$140.0941.61%46.64%-5.33%
2/23/2019Walt Disney CoDISACTIVERead More198.75$115.25N/A$108.80-5.60%46.93%-52.53%
1/22/2019Fortinet IncFTNTACTIVERead More41.32$13.97N/A$52.87278.45%55.85%222.60%


This next table shows the overall results of my Stock of the Month picks compared with the S&P 500. These results are also updated daily via Google Sheets.

These results seek to illustrate what my return would be had I just invested in the S&P 500 that day instead of my stock pick. As with the individual picks, dividends are not included in these results, either.

The overall results are just a sum of the individual performance results.

Wolves of InvestingS&P 500Vs. S&P

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